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Why CU Works HR?

Menu of Services

Us: All our products and services are available to our clients—we customize our offerings based on the client’s needs. The products that the clients want to keep that are outside out service structure can be administered by CU Works HR at no additional charge.

The Competition: Most HR outsourcing firms require their clients to bundle a majority of their services under the PEO structure and if a client refuses, the PEO may reject them as a client or simply not administer those outside services (all or nothing).

Cost Transparency

Us: With CU Works HR, there are no hidden fees, no complicated invoice, just straight forward pricing.

The Competition: Our competition often adds fees for processing new hires, terminations, quarterly fees, annual fees, and calculating the admin fee on a percentage of payroll, etc. Very difficult to budget for fluctuating invoices from month to month.

Process Payroll In-House

Us: Along with state of the art technology, CU Works HR processes each payroll in house. No downtime!

The Competition: Many outsource payroll processing to a service provider which eliminates “real time” processing, which can mean 24—48 hours of down time.

Customer Service

Us: Each client has a designated “one point” of contact. That professional is an HR expert—knowledgeable in everything from Payroll to Human Resources. Your one point of contact is located in Colorado.

The Competition: Most are located outside of Colorado and therefore use an 800 number and call center. Which provides limited opportunity to build a relationship with your representative.

Partnering with Benefits Brokers

Us: Not only do we work closely with benefit brokers, we welcome the opportunity to align our-selves with them.

The Competition: A majority of our competition competes rather than works with outside brokers.

Competitive and Well Managed Large Group Health Plan

Us: We consistently offer the richest health plans available.

The Competition: Over the past few years our competition has seen overall increases from 15—30%.

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